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“Over 20 Years of Experiences in Two Way Radio Communication”

Established in October 2010. Provider of Telecommunication solution, High-Level Security Surveillance System, M2M and PoC Radio Service Provider for commercial, government and industrial sectors in Malaysia.

We offer various quality of products and equipment that has been developed and source using our years of engineering experiences in the industry. Our solution works and it will work well. Our users told us that our products have contributed greatly to the success of their business, and we think that this is one of the highest compliments that we received. The products got this level because we always listen to our client’s feedback. Our clients contributed to the success of the product because it is design to fit their needs. We are here to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our goal is to be in the forefront among the leading system and solution provider with our existing and potential clients. We will deliver optimal technologies excellent, innovative designs, maintain standards and requirement intend at satisfying the needs of our global multi-level clients.

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Professional Digital Two-Way Radio & GPS Solutions.

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NexM2M GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Smart Way to Keep an Eye on Your Assets

Total Fleet Management

NexM2M is a GPS-Blockchain loT industry leader in innovative & superior Global Positioning Systems (GPS) products & provide a professional global tracking solutions. With an extensive product range covering from simple GPS peripherals to the latest technology in vehicle & personal tracking solutions. NexM2M delivers unsurpassed high quality with modem latest products & premier after-sales service.

Our Mission

Creating a latest modern blockchain & professional global leading loT CPS advanced technology solutions to our customers. Enable organization to manage assets precisely, improving efficiency, performance & utilization with enjoying excellent fleet management services.

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Professional Smart Walkie Talkie

"Distance without limit"

NEXPTT is professional applications software for Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC).

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) is a new way of communicating via cellular phone within or between one or several group of users. The application allows customer to use their cellular phone in a way to a “Walkie-Talkie”

The key advantages of PoC over standard cellular phone call are quick call setup and no dial numbers required. By simply pressing a key on the phone, every member of group can hear the talker simultaneously and immediately without having to press the answer key.

Communications Anywhere Without Distance Limit

The main design goals of the NEXPTT server are manageable, scalability and extensibility.

Server architecture is designed in accordance with the available specification and the integration requirements of mobile phone operator. Real -Time PTT Voice and Video sharing from anywhere with no distance limit.

Secure End-End Encryption

NEXPTT provides communication environment between IP Based Push-To-Talk and Conventional Two-Way Radio with AES256 Encryption for Secure communications

Key pair used for data encryption is generated automatically for each connection session. Client or dispatcher is always authenticated on server over secured TLS channel even if no traffic encryption is enabled on server. Encryption keys are delivered to client or dispatcher over secured TLS connection.

NexPTT Features

Voice calls - Are made like on a professional two-way radio. Press the button to start talking immediately without confirmation from the receiving party. Available for individual and group communication.

Video PTT - Walkie Talkie communication powered by video transmitted together with the voice. Send a real-time video of the surroundings by pushing the video transmit button. Available for individual and group communication.

Messenger - NexPTT messenger allows real-time exchange of text messages, images and files. The messenger is available for both private conversations between individual users and communication within the group.

Location Tracking - NexPTT has GPS tracking capability to determine the location of the fleet member. Two options available: single request or time-lapse request with periodic location updates at regular intervals. A location request can be applied to both a single user and a group. NexPTT supports Google Map and OpenStreetMap for location tracking.

Remote Monitoring - Remote Monitoring allows capturing voice and video from client devices, show it in Dispatch Console and record on NexPTT server.

Over The Air Programming - The NexPTT dispatcher can remotely modify user configuration settings and send them updates.

Emergency Processing - Emergency and Man Down alerts, emergency receivers, high priority emergency call, on-screen SOS button in the mobile client are defined in customizable emergency profiles. An emergency report in the dispatch console shows detailed information about all emergencies for a given time interval.

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  • We have a stable, guaranteed 4G connection, so Push-to-Talk over Cellular is absolutely the right choice for us. We no longer have a limit to radio coverage; we no longer have network infrastructure costs; we no longer have maintenance costs, or time spent thereon.

    However, with the dispatch solution offering features such as GPS tracking, user and talk group management, and voice dispatching and recording, we’ve still got access to all the Enterprise features we need. NEXEDGE has listened to our needs and delivered an optimal solution. We are delighted.

  • We are extremely happy with our new Hytera Radio & NexPTT System as it has improved communication across our site. They have exceeded our expectation in both clarity of sound, range and increased functionality for both now and for the future. 


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